My First Widget For Samsung wave :

| Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi guys from the first day I am in love with my samsung wave.Its simply amazing.

Bada OS given you so much flexibility that a amateur is looking to create widget.

Finally Im successful. Posting it . Hope you’ll like it.

20100907140219 20100907140227



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How to hide a Hard disk Drive or partition in windows system without using any software :

| Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its often necessary to hide the Hard Disk Drive rather using password for several folder.Its like a huge private space and best thing is that no one  ever know that even it exists. You dont need to be a computer geek to achieve this. Even you need not to remember a password or techie command for that . The process is very simple; With just some mouse click you can hide a disk partition.One thing is recommended that do not install softwares  and game files in that partition and do not hide system partitions. simply they will not be usable once you hide that partition. So enough of talking.Here goes the process:


1. Go to RUN under the program menu in windows xp or ALL PROGRAMS –> Accessories –> RUN in windows 7. Or best way to launch the RUN is to press WINKEY + R in your keyboard. If you dont know what the winkey is;then look into in the keyboard for this kind of key


2. Now in the RUN window type diskmgmt.msc  and press OK.


3.This will open Disk Management console .Here you can see all the list of Disks you have(Including CD/DVD Devices also).Now suppose we want to hide TEMP(J:) drive from the drives enlisted below.


4.So to hide TEMP(J:) Right Click on that and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.. from the context menu.



5. This will open a window like below. Now click on the Remove button.Dont panic , this will not remove your Drive permanently but just from the My Computer folder. You are just removing the Drive letter ,Nothing else.


So you are now done with Drive Hiding. Isnt is simple enough ? Now Look in to My Computer,you will not find TEMP(J:)  drive and cannot using DOS also as the drive has not any drive letter.


So now the question is how to show the Drive again? I think you already figured it out. If you not then…

1.To unhide the drive again open Disk Management console again from the same above procedure .Here you can see you Hided drive but without the drive letter. In this case Hided TEMP drive is there but with no drive letter.Just select it and right click on it and choose Change Drive letter and paths..  again.





2.This will open following window and click Add  button on it .



3. After clicking Add  button a popup will come. click on Assign the following Drive letter: .And give the previous or desired drive letter there and click OK.



Now check my computer. Your hidden treasure is right there waiting for you…

How to install fonts without admin right

| Friday, March 5, 2010

In Windows, you can’t install new fonts if you don’t have admin rights. Microsoft have made it extremely difficult for normal users to install fonts. As all the Fonts in Windows live peacefully in C:\Windows\Fonts, which is only writeable by Administrators or elevated privilege account owners
So, how can we install fonts without having to ask for Admin rights? Well, thanks to Tsukasa, there’s a workaround. He has developed a tool called Registerfont (You can download here or here or here or here)
What this tool actually does is that add a number of fonts to your font cache which do not need to use an elevated user account. How to use this tool is very simple.
  • Just download the above file.
  • Extract it to anywhere you can have access.
  • Find the Bin folder and copy the font files into it.There you'll also find
  • Go to Command Prompt and locate to
    registerfont.exe then type “registerfont add font1.ttf font2.ttf font3.ttf … font1000.ttf”
What if you don’t even have access to command prompt? Well, then, you can create shortcut by right clicking on Registerfont.exe, choose create shortcut. After that right-click on that shortcut and go to Properties.
Then append the string add with the name of the font file you want to add.
Example : “C:\Documents and Settings\usernamexxx\My Documents\RegisterFont.exe” add font1.ttf
Please note that you have to put Registerfont.exe, its shortcuts and all your fonts in the same folder. That’s it! Once you run the shortcut, you can see that the fonts you added are available to all your favourite Windows applications such as MS Office or Web Browsers.

Adding Flash Player into FireFox Portable Without Installing It

| Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adding Flash Player into FireFox Portable Without Installing It

Don't have access rights to install Flash Player?
Install Flash Player Without Access RightsRight now, due to I don't have an administrator privileges on my office computer, I can't install FireFox 3 in it, so I have to use FireFox 3 Portable from PortableApps.
Unfortunately, this FireFox 3 Portable is not bundled with Adobe Flash Player, so I need to install it manually, wich is I can't due to the limited access rights.
To resolved this problem, I try to follow the tips given by Fabio on his blog post, Installing Flash Player Plugin on Firefox without having Administrator Access or Premissions. The idea is the same, the only different is the folder path where we should place the flash files, if in normal FireFox installation the flash extension files should be placed in folder %APPDATA%MozillaPlugins, then for FireFox Portable, all files should be placed in FirefoxPortableAppfirefoxplugins folder.
So, these are the steps that we need to do:
  1. Download Flash Player .xpi version
  2. Rename flashplayer-win.xpi into and extract it using WinZip or 7Zip etc.
  3. Copy flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll files into folder FirefoxPortableAppfirefoxplugins.
  4. Restart your Firefox portable.
After restarting FireFox Portable, just visit any site with Flash on it, for example Nokia website, to test the installation. If you can see the Flash object, then you've successful, please leave me a comment :)
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Amader ar kono chinta nei

| Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dukher din gelo Sukher din elo..