The Dark Knight Returns

| Friday, April 24, 2009

Uff What a cricket match it was !!!! I will never forget this match in my life.It was long time since I see a full cricket match.But today I was feeling very nostalgic about not only for kolkata knight riders but also for Sourav and Shahrukh.Really in my personal life I am also great fan of Sourav and Shahrukh.And Kolkata is my heart.So with all my best hope and wishes I was in front of TV screen.And what it turned out !!!

Since the first ball of the kolkata team I was praying for Sourav and longing for his batting .And when every time he was facing ball I was in fish out of water state.And the outcome was going in my side.How sourav pulled the hole team is just beyond depiction.It was like a war was goin in my mind.but really only fittest survives . And thats why the man with most fit mind and determination excels.He made 46 out of 36 ball and made those run when there was no one to build partnership with him.played as no 6th batsman with all clean runs and several dazzling massive sixes .And it happened when the team needed most ,When the asking rate was above 10.

But the fortune made the easy winnin match to be loosed.The match results was outcome of tie breaker as kolkata did the same run.But losing something always comes with a lesson.

Its now 1.49,,,n my eyes are being shutting Down.