Angels & Demons worth watching..

| Sunday, June 14, 2009

Really worth watching.After returning home I checked IMDB for rating and it was just 6.9 and read the reviews which tells it is disappointing.I dont agree.The story as we all know compact and quite fast and the way director handled the storyline is really appreciable.It is right that the role of tom hanks had not much scope to show his extraordinary quality of acting and I think it is justified with the storyline.I have only two issue with the presentation.One, the way the antimatter blast showed the diverstation could have much more otherwise it should be showed such a way that peaple should understand why or how people are survived.No. two the whole conspiracy is showed such a way it looks like only two people,The Camerlengo and the assassin coz the antimatter stealing from cern and the whole conspiracy could not have been possible for just two so the whole conspirator parts somehow neglected.

But I am just a ordinary viewer and as I told you I like the movie very much even my partner also loved it.The way the Vatican City depicted is quitly great experience.The antimatter blast,Large Hudron Collider, The way of solving mistry,Vatican Archieve,Cinamatography,Location everything was as expected from the Ron Howard.So everyone should wattch it.I will give it 7.5 out of 10.I gave 8 in IMDB.Overall a great weakend.I am planning to download it also when axxo will release it.